Applications for World Government Documents

World Citizen Registration Card
The World Passport, World Birth Certificate & World Identity Card
The International Exit Visa & Residence Permit
The World Marriage Certificate
The World Political Asylum Card - What is World Political Asylum?
Membership form for the Sovereign Order of World Guards

To order any of the documents listed above, please click on the highlighted link to download and print out the application form. Once you have completed the form, you will need to mail it to the WSA. Please read the Important Information below before submitting your application forms.

For donations/issuance fees, you may use a credit card. Please use the credit card form at the bottom of the World Passport application or provide a bank check in US dollars with a US bank name on front of the check, an international money order in US dollars, or an international postal money order in US dollars.

Important Information for Completing the Application Forms:

1) Please print clearly and legibly. The information and data that you provide and certify on the application form is what will appear on your documents. It is your responsibility to verify the correctness of all information and data provided.

2) Please note on the application form whether you want information printed in Upper and Lower Case Letters or ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS (or some other variation).

3) For place of birth, the standard is city and country OR city, state, and country. Names of hospitals are NOT used for the place of birth. The information that you enter is what will appear on your documents.

4) For the date of birth, please provide the date by DAY, then MONTH, and then YEAR. Spelling out the month is helpful.

5) If you have a middle name or initial that you want to appear on your documents, please provide it.

6) Please make sure to enter your GIVEN NAMES in the space provided for "First and Middle Names." Please make sure to enter your FAMILY/SURNAME in the space provided for "Last Name."

7) Please provide your email and telephone/mobile number as well as a complete address. Issuance may be delayed if we are unable to contact you about questions pertaining to your application forms.

8) Please provide 2 passport-sized photos (4 cm x 4 cm / 1.5 in x 1.5 in) printed on photographic paper (NOT plain paper) against a blank background. Please make sure that your entire face and the top of your chest are visible. You may also email your photo as a small JPG image.

9) You must verify your identity and certify your application in at least ONE of the following ways:

           i) you must provide a photocopy or scan of a valid ID document that you already possess such as a national passport, driver's license, birth certificate, etc.;

           ii) a notary public must notarize your application form with their stamp/seal;

           iii) OR if an ID and notarization are not available, you must provide a clear and visible print of your right index finger.

10) Please make sure to choose which documents and shipping that you want.

11) Other shipping options are available than those listed on the application forms.

Mail Options and Fees:

International Mail:

Airmail is US$10 (throughout the world).

Registered mail is $30.00 (throughout the world).

International Express Mail Service (EMS) through the United States Postal Service is $70 (throughout the world).

TNT courier to Western Europe and Central/South America costs $60.00. TNT to Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe costs $100.

DHL to Western Europe and Central/South America costs $75.00. DHL to Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe costs $95.00.

Depending upon the amount of documents and the weight of the shipment, additional shipping fees will apply.

USA Domestic Mail:

Within the USA, first class mail is US$5.

Within the USA, certified or priority mail is US$10.

Within the USA, US Express Mail is US$25

Within the USA, FedEx is US$35 east of the Mississippi River and is US$45 west of the Mississippi River.

Depending upon the amount of documents and the weight of the shipment, additional shipping fees will apply.

12) There are NO refunds.

13) Processing Time for Document Issuance -- Normal and Quick Options:

Normal processing time for issuance of documents is approximately 2 months or longer from the date that the properly completed applications and fee payments have been received and deposited.

If you need to have the documents issued more quickly, you have three options:

i) For issuance in approximately 20 business days, you can pay an additional US$40 expedite fee PER applicant. (Please note "Expedite" on the envelope or air waybill.)

ii) For issuance in approximately 4 to 10 business days, you can pay an additional US$75 expedite fee PER applicant. (Please note the code "4DP" on the envelope or air waybill.)

iii) For issuance in approximately 2 to 3 business days, you can pay an additional US$150 expedite fee PER applicant. (Please note the code "2DP" on the envelope or air waybill.) If paying for this quickest service of 2 to 3 business days, you must call or email the WSA to confirm that we have received your application form and that all questions that we may have about the information on the application have been answered.

Expedite fees and the approximate time frames provided are subject to change without notice. This expedite policy does not imply, guarantee or promise that documents will be issued within the time frames mentioned. Time frames are approximate. Time frames relate only to issuance of documents, and not to the time it takes for you to receive the documents (i.e., shipping time). A reasonable effort will be made to meet the time frames barring unusual, unexpected, urgent or emergency situations and the time frames may be suspended during holiday or other work stoppages.

Expedited services are bound by WSA's mail policy regarding delays, loss, etc. due to mail carriers/couriers that can affect WSA's receipt of application forms and delivery time: The WSA is not responsible for: lost, late, misdirected, illegible, damaged or incomplete mail or email.

Expedite fees cannot be paid by personal check. Fees for expedited service must be paid in funds that can be immediately deposited and verified.

14) Fee Payment Options:

Another person can send the issuing fees on your behalf. Please provide the name of the person providing the fees.

Payment by international money orders in US dollars drawn off banks with branches in the US and listed on the front of the money order, such as HSBC or Barclay's Bank. (We cannot accept foreign postal money orders.)

Payment via MoneyGram. Please contact the WSA by phone or email for more information.

Payment through PayPal to the email address

Payment by credit cards. WSA accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diner's Club. Applicants paying by credit card must complete the credit card payment form on the WSA application located at You must include a copy of the front and back of your credit card with the application form.

Payment by travelers' checks (such as American Express) in US dollars.

Payment by bank wire transfer (please include $25.00 extra to cover our bank wire acceptance fees.) Please contact the WSA for additional information if sending a bank wire transfer.

Payment in the US by US postal money orders or money orders purchasable at grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.

Payment in the US by certified bank check or cashier's check drawn off a US bank in US dollars.

Important Notice
Please click on the links below for information regarding certain restrictions on document issuance and on other WSA services:

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